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Our Work

At our company we work on best practices of CAD designs. Design that are futuristic and best fit for industry. Our Team consists of skillful engineers, and we are working on latest software. We can provide you best designs with minimal price. Here are some of our projects we worked on. Our team is always ready to work on every complex and challenging project. 

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Truck Trailer 

Designing of a truck trailer as per industry standards. The project was made considering the manufacturing point in consideration. This design is just to showcase and contain confidential assemblies, So the CAD model will not be available after

We worked on the assembly of fighter jet taking considering the 3D printing concept. This assembly consist of every detailed outer structure of fighter jet. And above all the 3D sketch was made just by taking reference of an image. Rendering was done in Blender


Fighter jet assembly 




Assault rifle 

Designing of Assault rifle in detail. Designing of all the components were made with the reference of single dimension taken from internet. This design of assault is a combination of two Assault rifle designs, that were merged together and we ended up with this design. Rendering was made in Blender


Electric Power-Assisted bicycle

The design of an electric power-assisted bicycle that extends the range of a typical rider bicycle. The rate of improvements in technologies is at an exponential level despite that the electric bicycle is a concept that has been very feasible for years but has not been fully explored in providing high-speed terrains. The system design is based on mechanically coupling a dc motor as the primary power source to drive the bicycle and electrically wiring the motor together with a dc rechargeable battery produced in-house with the help of laptop cell batteries thus providing efficient transmission from the source to the wheel.

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WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 23.15.17.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 23.16.18.jpg


Complete CFD Analysis of intake manifold

This project dictates the design and the consequent simulation of the air intake manifold of Formula Car to boost the efficiency of the engine thereby increasing the mass flow rate at the outlet. The assembly consists of 3 components attached together as Venturimeter,  Plenum, and restrictor. The design parameters are considered and set in such a way that the fluidity happens to be best and more efficient.


Fighter Jet 

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